Outlook - How to launch a New Teams Meeting in Outlook Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to launch a new Teams meeting in Outlook.
There are three different ways to do it.
The first method is to right-click on the desired time, select "New Meeting Request," and then click on the Teams Meeting button in the ribbon.
This will add a Teams meeting link to the body of the message.
The second method is to double-click on the desired time, which will open the same window.
From there, you can click on the Teams Meeting button in the ribbon and add the Teams link again.
The third method is to directly go to the ribbon and click on the Teams Meeting button.
In this window, you will notice that the link is already added in the body of the message.
You can also add meeting notes above the line and additional information at the bottom.
To adjust meeting options, such as specifying the presenter or allowing everyone to do the presentation, you can go to meeting options, which will open in your default browser.
From there, you can customize the settings and save them.
Once you have added all the necessary information, you can press the send button to invite everyone to the meeting.
If you need to make any changes, you can double-click on the meeting and update the information.
On the day of the meeting, you will receive a reminder in Outlook and Microsoft Teams.
Simply click on the link to join the meeting.
This tutorial will help you effectively launch Teams meetings in Outlook, improving your collaboration and communication with others.


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