SharePoint (Classic Sites) - Restricting a document to read-only mode (Extract a document) Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to restrict a document to read-only mode by extracting it.
This feature is useful when you need to edit a document on your SharePoint site while ensuring that no one else can make changes, even if it is shared for co-editing.
To extract the file, select it and choose "check out." Once extracted, a red tick will appear next to the document's name, indicating that you have exclusive editing rights.
Your employees will see a gray icon next to the file, indicating that it has been extracted and who extracted it.
When your employees open the document, it will open in reading mode, preventing any changes.
They will receive a message informing them that the document has been extracted.
If you want to allow your employees to edit the document again, you can switch it to "check in" mode and add a comment to clarify the changes you have made.
These comments will be available in the document's version history.
If you don't want to keep the changes made or if you haven't made any changes and want to make the document available to other colleagues, you can cancel the checkout extraction.
This will ensure that none of the changes you may have made to the document will be added to the version history.
Restricting a document to read-only mode by extracting it provides you with control over who can make changes, ensuring the integrity of your document.


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