SharePoint (Classic Sites) - Sharing a folder or document with someone outside the company Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to share folders or documents with people outside your company.
It is important to consider your company's strategy and permissions before sharing with external parties.
By default, document libraries inherit permissions from your SharePoint site, but you can change them for each folder or document.
It is recommended to define overall permissions for your site and share it entirely for better security.
Creating dedicated SharePoint sites for each work team or project is also advised.
To share a folder or document, you can use a username sharing link and specify whether the recipient can edit or download the document.
The recipient will receive an email with a link and an access code to authenticate.
They can share the document with others who already have access and may also download or delete it, depending on the permissions granted.
Keep in mind that recipients can transfer the email and access code to others.
Regularly check and manage permissions using the manage access panel.
This tutorial will help you effectively share files and folders with external parties while maintaining security.


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