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Microsoft 365 Mastery


With over 15 years at the forefront of corporate digital transformation, Mandarine Academy presents an unparalleled approach with a digital platform featuring an extensive library of ready-to-use resources for mastering Microsoft tools.

Recognizing every learner's uniqueness, we provide a variety of e-learning materials, accessible anytime, anywhere. Prioritizing the human element, we offer live video conferences led by our seasoned Microsoft 365 trainers.

Continuously Updated Learning Materials


Exclusively Developed by Mandarine Academy, our comprehensive eLearning content is crafted in-house. Our tailored, original materials are regularly updated to align with the latest Microsoft updates and your learning needs.
ℹ In 2022, our expert team produced over 600 unique eLearning resources.

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DiLeaP AI Tutor: Your Advanced Training Companion!


Experience tailored support throughout your learning journey with DiLeaP AI Tutor, our smart training assistant. Gain precise answers to your queries and access highly relevant training materials. Our assistant harnesses AI to intuitively understand your needs and guide you effectively. Never feel alone in your educational journey. Advance at your own pace, bridge learning gaps, and maximize your study time with DiLeaP AI Tutor. Enjoy an unparalleled learning experience!