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Live Training Microsoft Outlook - Tips for better email management

Live Training Microsoft Outlook - Tips for better email management

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Training Theme 

As you know, email remains one of the preferred means of communication in the professional world. Therefore, knowing how to manage a large daily message flow is a significant asset. Luckily, Outlook is packed with tools and features to make your life easier. 

Learn how to use the sorting, automation, and ranking of your messages to gain efficiency. 

With a better knowledge of how to manage your inbox, you could become more efficient thanks to a few adjustments and preliminary actions. What are they? Are they complicated to set up? Are they present on all versions? 

In this training, we’ll get you familiar with these new features. 

All trainings are conducted by expert trainers with a focus on communicating efficiently in Microsoft Teams. 

Training Objectives 

You want to brush up your Outlook skills and maximize efficiency. 

By the end of this course, you will know: 

  • How to organize your folders and mail subfolders 
  • How to distinguish the different tools to help automate the management of your email 
  • How to choose the automation tool that best suits your needs 
  • How to get different views of your email lists 
  • How to set up an email processing rule 
  • How to create and use email templates 

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: Users who frequently use Outlook and who are also looking to optimize their use
Startup Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: A good knowledge of basic Outlook uses is recommended

Means and Methods 

  • Virtual classroom: The training is carried out remotely with a virtual classroom tool. Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions. 
  • Virtual class replay: Recording of a virtual class allowing a complete approach to the application by means of concrete examples of use.
  • Documents and other materials: Additional information or educational activities to complement this course.  

Training Content 

45-min Distance Learning (and/or its video recording) 

  • Email classification 
    • Folders 
    • Categories 
    • Display 
    • Cleanup your inbox 
  • Mail sorting 
    • Using sort columns 
    • Groupings 
  • Message automation 
    • Rules 
    • Quick actions 
    • Conditional formatting 
    • Email templates 

1 Course Knowledge Validation Quiz 

Learn more about Microsoft Outlook 

Regularly updated and improved, your Microsoft Outlook email is at the heart of your professional communications. This app facilitates communication with colleagues and improves your daily collaborative processes. 

Filter and classification options allow you to have a better view of your mail and focus on what matters. Even if you receive a lot of messages daily, Microsoft Outlook allows you to automate certain actions in order to save time and avoid distractions. 

But did you know that it is possible to get even more out of your mailbox? Indeed, Microsoft Outlook allows you to automate certain actions to save you time. Set up rules based on keywords or the email of certain senders to sort your messages in specific mailboxes or automatically assign them a category... Many possibilities are available to you!