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Microsoft Bookings Video Training - Getting Started with Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings Video Training - Getting Started with Microsoft Bookings

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Training Theme 

Microsoft Bookings allows you to create a booking calendar for your different services. The created calendar contains the list of your services with their schedules, duration and prices.

Your customers have access to a booking page to make an appointment by selecting one of the services offered or even to choose a specific employee.

The intuitive Bookings reservation system saves you time by making it easier for your customers to make appointments.

For your part, Bookings' link with the Outlook calendar allows you to better manage your availability and appointments and those of your employees.

Training Objectives 

You want to get started with Microsoft Bookings and understand how it can help you.

At the end of this training, you will know:

    How handy the Bookings calendar is

    How to manage and share the calendar

    How to integrate this app to Microsoft Teams

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: Planning managers and service providers who want to simplify their booking system
Startup Level: Beginner / Intermediate level
Prerequisite: Master independently the basic uses of computer navigation and the uses of your computer

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.
  • Documents and other materials: Additional information or educational activities to complement this course.  

Training Content 

1 use case video : How to create your training reservation system
1 Introductory Video of the Training’s Topic

  •     What is Microsoft Bookings

10 Video Tutorials on Bookings in 1 lesson

  • Discover how to use Microsoft Bookings
    • Interface Discovery
    • Create a new shared booking page
    • Manage and share your booking pages
    • Add a service
    • Add staff
    • Manage permissions
    • Create custom fields
    • Make a reservation [Customer]
    • Make a reservation Employee]
    • Virtual Appointments

1 Course Knowledge Validation Quiz 

Learn more about Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an intuitive custom calendar creation service. It lets you offer your services whether physical or virtual. Nesting Bookings with Microsoft Teams creates an automatic virtual meeting link for each booking during a remote service. This link saves time during the appointment but also reduces unnecessary chat with your customers.  

Bookings also integrates custom fields. When the client is booking a service, the required information is provided. Booking includes a web-based booking calendar and integrates with Outlook to optimize your staff’s calendar and give your customers flexibility. It also helps your customers to quickly find available times and avoid double booking. Whether for you or your customers, Microsoft Bookings saves you a lot of time thanks to its “Office 365 like” user-friendly features.