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Video Training - Artificial Intelligence in your daily life

Video Training - Artificial Intelligence in your daily life

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Training Theme 

Office 365 provides a growing number of artificial intelligence services to help you with your office tasks, to improve quality, to save you time, ...  

Discover, in this course composed mainly of short videos, these new intelligent services categorized by topics.

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.

Training Content 

1 Use Case Video  

  •     OneDrive & Office Lens – Complete your expense form in 2 min!

16 Video Tutorials on AI in your daily life broken down into 5 lessons  

  •     Productivity aid  
    •     Design ideas with Powerpoint
    •     Start with "Ideas" in Excel
    •     Map Chart in Excel
    •     Automatic Data Entry in Excel
  •     Voice recognition, voice assistants  
    •     Instant captions & subtitles in Powerpoint
    •     Use dictate to type in Word
    •     Dictate email messages in Outlook
  •     Quality improvement  
    •     Blur my background while video conferencing with Teams
    •     Whiteboard Detection in Teams
  •     Automated processing, sorting, conversion  
    •     Quickly sort emails
    •     One click Forecasting
    •     Convert a picture into Data with Excel
    •     Convert handwritten texts or drawings with Powerpoint
    •     Scan documents
  •     Intelligent search, analysis and recommendations  
    •     Manage Your Working Time in MyAnalytics
    •     Microsoft Search