Word - Add custom entries to a TOC Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to add custom entries to a table of contents (TOC) in Microsoft Word.
By using the TC field, you can create descriptive text specifically for the TOC and hide it in the field code.
This allows the text to appear in the TOC but not in the body of your document.
You can insert the TC field by clicking on the Insert tab, selecting Quick Parts, and then Field.
In the Field dialog box, choose TC and enter the descriptive text you want to appear in the TOC.
Make sure to check the Outline Level option and assign a TOC level, such as eight, to format the text with the corresponding TOC style.
Additionally, you can suppress page numbers if needed.
After adding the field code, you can view it by clicking on the Show Hide Paragraph Marks button.
To display the TC field entries in the TOC, edit the TOC field code by pressing Alt+F9 and adding "\f" after the t switch.
Finally, update the field to see the description in the TOC.
You can also format the text by modifying the TOC style.
This method provides flexibility and allows you to customize your table of contents.
This tutorial is part of the Microsoft 365 eLearning resources.

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