PowerPoint - Apply and change a theme Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to apply and change a theme in PowerPoint.
Themes provide complete slide designs for your presentation, including background design, font styles, colors, and layouts.
You can find different themes by clicking on the Design tab, and preview them by pointing to the thumbnails.
To apply a theme, simply click on one of the thumbnails, and it will be applied to all the slides.
Themes help to coordinate the slide elements and give your presentation a cohesive look.
You can also apply a theme when you first open PowerPoint by choosing from the themes gallery.
PowerPoint offers alternatives within the gallery, including different background designs and color schemes.
Starting with a theme in place allows you to see how it looks with your slide content as you work.
If you want to try a different theme, you can easily apply another one from the gallery.
For those who prefer a more plain slide design, you can start with the Office theme, which is the theme applied when choosing Blank Presentation.
PowerPoint provides several ways to customize any theme's design.
You can choose from alternative backgrounds and color schemes, as well as different font combinations and effects for graphics.
There are also various background styles available.
If you make changes to a theme and want to save it for future use, you can open the themes gallery and click on "Save current theme." This will allow you to use the customized theme in other presentations.
Applying and changing themes in PowerPoint helps to enhance the visual appeal of your slides and create a cohesive presentation design.

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