Teams - Creating a New Discussion Channel Tutorial

In this video, you will learn about creating a new discussion channel in Microsoft Teams.
The video covers how to organize discussion channels by topic, location, project, or discipline.
It explains that by default, a new team will have a channel called "general" for quick discussions.
To create a new discussion channel, you need to display the channel list and click on the plus sign.
Then, you can add a name and a brief description to help users understand the main topic of the channel.
Creating a discussion channel allows you to notify team members by mentioning them in the channel.
If you own the team, you can easily add a person to the team, giving them access to all the team's channels.
If you want to give a new team member access to a specific channel, you can add them to the team and they will be notified.
However, if you are not the team's owner, you won't have the option to add members directly.
Instead, you can find the team's owner in the members list and ask them to add the member.
It's important to note that in this version of Teams, you can't delete a channel from a mobile device.
You can only delete it from the desktop application.
Learning how to create and manage discussion channels in Microsoft Teams will help you effectively organize and collaborate with your team.

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